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Allow to change ticket type

Declined Luca Vitali 2 months ago

many speakers and sponsors acquire a standard attendee ticket, without waiting (or reading) the insturction we sent to order a Speaker/Sponsor ticket.
It could be helpful to be allowed to switch an ordered ticker from Attendee to other type of tickets, like Speaker or Sponsor

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Hi Luca, thanks for the feedback. This one is difficult for multiple reasons:

  • Those ticket types probably have different registration forms / custom fields. It would be not possible to map them,
  • They will probably have different pricing model, or different prices. It would be impossible to recreate all the orders, invoices, etc.
  • Some of those ticket types / tickets might have addons and options that are not transferrable to the other ticket types .

Due to this complexity, we are for the moment not planning to implement this functionality.

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