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Agenda versioning - save agenda and revert to previous version

Under Consideration Nicholas Royal 5 months ago

To enhance the planning and execution of events within the run.events platform, we propose the introduction of an Agenda Versioning feature within the Agenda Builder tool. This functionality is designed to offer event organizers greater flexibility and control over the development of their event agendas by allowing them to save multiple versions of an agenda and revert to previous versions as needed.

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Can't emphasize enough how much I would like this implemented. Building an agenda that goes Live immediately is worrisome, since we will need to move sessions around before finalizing. Agenda should be in draft mode until "Published." Draft or published agendas should be able to be copied into a new draft agenda, so changes can be made and Published when changed are ready/approved.


I completely agree,
the present version of the Agenda Builder need some sort of Draft Mode.

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