Creating a new Organizer Team

In the previous article of the essential concepts series, we discussed the concept of Organizer Teams, responsible for creating and running events. 

Typically, it is ideal to have one Organizer Team per company or organization, which can then run multiple events. In this clip, we will guide you through the process.

Upon logging in to, you will be directed to the dashboard, where you can access your existing events and create a new event by clicking the "Run an event" button. This will lead you to a screen displaying your current Organizer Teams, as well as the option to create a new team.

To create a new team, the first step is to input your company or organization's legal information, such as its name, address, and default time zone. You can also verify whether an Organizer Team has already been already created by your company to avoid duplication.

Next, you will be prompted to provide your tax details, which is crucial for issuing invoices to attendees and sponsors and facilitating payouts through the payment provider Stripe. Although you don’t need to complete this step immediately, it is required to provide this information before publishing an event.

Finally, you will be asked to upload your company or organization's logo - it just looks nicer with a logo! – and agree to the terms and services.

Once you have completed these steps, you are all set to create and run your events.

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