Changing the Notification Address or Login Provider

In some cases, you will need to change either the notification address, the login provider, or both, for your account. This happens mostly when users are changing their companies, and they need to update their contact info.

Changing the notification address

If you need to change a notification address and you still have access to your existing notification address, the process is straightforward. Go to your user profile ( and edit the email address. You will receive a confirmation email at your old/existing notification address, where you will need to approve the change to the different notification address.

If you don't have access to your old notification address anymore, please send us a support request. We will ask you to prove your identity in order to change your notification address and restore your account.

Please note: it is a good idea to use your private address as the notification address because that way you are not impacted when changing your company. This address is not visible to anyone else but you and us, and you can maintain your work information separately - your work info doesn't have to be tied to your notification address.

Changing the login provider

You don't need to change the login provider; you can simply add another one; this scenario is fully supported. For example, if you have used a Microsoft 365 account (e.g. me(at) to log into, and now you are not able to use that account anymore, that's not a problem. Log into with any other account, such as a different M365 account, Microsoft Private account, LinkedIn, Google, Apple, or any other offered option.

You will get a form to create a new account; however, please be sure to use the same "notification address" which you have used before. That will be recognized, and you will be offered to associate a new login provider with the existing account.

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