Custom fields for sponsorships and sponsorship contracts

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As you have seen previously, has built-in quite a few capabilities for storing data about sponsorships and sponsorship contracts. However, we know that each event is specific and different, so we have built a feature where you can add your own fields to sponsorships and sponsorship contracts.

There are multiple uses for this - you can track if you have promoted their sponsorship on your social media channels (and promised that you would!), if you have published their press releases, or any other custom property that you might want to track about that sponsor. This is what custom fields are for.

You can define any number of custom fields, both for sponsorships and for sponsorship contracts. For each field, you will have to define its name, field type, possible choice values, and if it is a mandatory field or not.

Once those fields are defined, they will appear on the sponsorship dashboard, either within a sponsorship or a sponsorship contract, depending on where you have defined them.

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